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Welcome to ShigaKogenHotels.com. Your guide to the Shiga Kogen Ski Resort.

Shiga Kogen is the largest ski area in Japan. 30 ski areas, with over 50 lifts, all on one lift pass.

Too big to cover in one day, you need to target an area and try every run there before moving on.

The resort is also the highest resort in Japan, with a the lowest point in the resort near 1,500m above sea level, while the peak at Yokoteyama ,climbs to an impressive 2,305m above sea level. This high elevation gives the area some of the best champange powder snow in the world, and you know that if it is raining at other Nagano resorts, then it is dumping big time at Shiga.

That's the good stuff, but there are a few dowsides to this area. Up until recently, they have only targeted the Japanese market, which is generally a 2 day 1 night stay, with the guests dining in at the hotels. They also rely heavily on a large number of school groups to fill the resort. The effect of this that there is very limited nightlife, and it can be difficult to get more than 3-4 nights in a row at a hotel, as a school group may book the entire hotel for a day or two.

Also keep in mind that there is no taxi service in Shiga Kogen (If you call a taxi it needs to make the 30 minute trip up the hill from Yudanaka Onsen, costing about 2,500yen before you even get into teh cab).

It is however, quite close to the famous Snow Monkey Park, and their are frequent buses that run past the entrance (it is about a 5km walk from the bus stop to the park, taking about 1 hour in winter).

So, in many cases Shiga Kogen maybe better for many guests as an add-on to a Hakuba or Nozawa Onsen vacation, with a stay of about 3 nights or less. Of course, if you are only about the snow, then this is your place.